The number of asylum claims: what are we talking about?

9,200 asylum claims in 2012
In recent years, the number of people who came to the Netherlands to claim asylum has ranged from 10,000 to 15,000.  According to October 2012 figures from the Dutch Statistical Agency CBS, this number was 4,600 in the first half of 2012.  Based on this, the best estimate for the full year of 2012 is 9,200.  That would represent a 20% drop from 2011, which in turn was 13% less than in  2010.

4,000 asylum residency permits
The Immigration Service (IND) states that 44% of asylum claims were accepted in 2011.  Taking this yearly figure, and assuming that 44% of 9,200 asylum claims will eventually be accepted, a reasonable estimate is that 4,000 asylum seekers who came in during 2012 will eventually obtain a residency permit.
The low percentage of accepted asylum claims is due to deeply formalistic and distrustful civil servants who must process asylum claims at breakneck speed, and because the Medical, Not-your- fault and Humanitarian procedures have practically ceased to exist due to draconian additional conditions.

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